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I am a NCS Registered Counsellor. My core approach is Humanistic, which adopts a ‘holistic approach’ to your existence as a human and pays special attention to free will, fulfilling one’s potential and individual choice. I can also work by braiding in mind, body and spirit, if this resonates with you. The aim of Humanistic therapy is to help develop a stronger, healthier, sense of self, thus gaining a sense of meaning and understanding with whatever is causing you difficulties. It is particularly beneficial for those who are wishing to feel more in control of their lives.

Everyone will experience emotional difficulties at some time. Counselling can help you feel empowered and become better equipped in dealing with those difficult times. Therapy will encourage self-exploration and help you develop coping strategies.

Here are some suggested key areas that could benefit from counselling. If you are experiencing life changing events that you are struggling to come to terms with, please contact me for an assessment.






Loss (bereavement, relationship, redundancy)

Low self esteem



Self harm

Suicidal thoughts



Contact tel: 07803255172