Lisa Gatley Massage

Lisa Gatley Massage

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Lisa is a qualified Raynor Massage Therapist. Raynor Massage is internationally recognised as one of the most powerful and effective forms of deep tissue massage available today.

Lisa also has a degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology which compliments her holistic approach to the awareness of mind and body connections.

Lisa has always had an interest in fitness and health and how to supercharge and balance our lives in a healthy way. Lisa believes in the healing power of massage to release stress and tension from the mind and body. Using the technique of Raynor massage brings the body back to its natural state of relaxation and lets your worries float away.

Suitable for Everyone:

Raynor Massage is suitable for people of any age and any fitness level. It will activate the body’s own healing processes, increase blood circulation and lymph flow and release endorphins and speed up recovery from any activity.


Stress and Emotional Tension:

Another important concept of Raynor Massage is to release trapped emotions which has been shown to benefit people suffering from stress and depression as it unlocks physical tensions linked to emotional issues, which will improve an individuals overall sense of wellbeing.



Raynor Massage has been shown to benefit people who suffer from insomnia as removing residual tension allows the mind and body to relax, enabling a deep and enriching nights sleep.