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My name is Lisa Heaton and I am a qualified Life Coach. (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body)
I have worked in the corporate world, taken time out to raise my young family, run my own small business and in recent years have trained as a Counsellor and then Lifequalified Life Coach (CPCAB) with training in Counselling Skills, I work with my clients to help them understand themselves better-explore and recognise what they really want and how to get there and learn how to live a life they love, whether the focus is personal, professional or both.

Empathetic, Compassionate, Sincere and Qualified….
Mum of two little people, Step-Mum to two bigger, little people, and wife to my fabulous husband John, I am also me. Lisa.

I know how it feels to be time poor, I understand the politics involved with corporate life, I have struggled with the constant juggle of a work and family-life balance, but overall I have learned to recognise the important things in life and how to navigate through all of this to live a life I love.

Blessed with a sunny disposition, my life mantra is to find a way to find and achieve ‘real’ happiness at the heart of all I do.

That’s not to say that my life hasn’t been without significant challenges and difficulties. On occasion, even I have felt fearful that there was no possibility of a positive outcome. However using all of the tools and techniques I have learned along the way, has stood me in good stead.

Through experience, I know that with the right support and self-belief anyone – YOU – can overcome the most incredible of circumstances.

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