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Relax My Baby

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Gemma Buck – Relax My Baby

I started Relax my baby when my son was a baby, knowing how hard new mum life was and the change on my own body and mental health, I wanted to create supportive nurturing groups for parents to attend together.  

I then went onto train in pregnancy Yoga and pregnancy Massage – Relax my bump, as having been through pregnancy and labour, the whole experience fascinated me and I wanted to learn more about the benefits of Yoga and mindfulness during this special time in a woman’s life.  

Having a background in therapies for 10 + years, I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce them into my business as Relax my body. A service not just for pregnant or postnatal mothers, but a treat for all.  Many of us do not take our emotional and mental needs seriously, taking a bit of time out to treat ourselves is so important in our every day busy lives. Having that time for you and being able to let go and relax has amazing effects on both our nervous system and mind thus effecting our physical state of being. 

Treatments for All :-


Preblended aromatherapy massage

Swedish massage

Indian Head massage * suitable for pregnancy


Hand and foot massage 

Pregnancy massage


Relaxation for Mum and Baby:-

Baby massage courses

Mum and Baby yoga 


Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Pamper Days