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Welcome to Worry Free! Hypnotherapy and Coaching. I’m Josie, I help women to improve their emotional health so they finally reach their unmet goals and aspirations and create a lifestyle they love.
I offer both one to one support alongside workshops and day retreats.
About one to one support:
I work with each of my clients in a very personalised way which means I offer bespoke support based on what you need.
Your personalised programme will combine the very best of hypnotherapy and coaching techniques applied perfectly for you.
During your personal 1-1 session we will work through many areas, including:
 Your personal focus and goal. What do you want to do or change?
 The brain chemistry and science behind our mindset issues.
 Figuring out why you’re stuck.
 Teaching you techniques to use every day.
 Unravelling your thought processes and patterns; helping you to understand yourself better.
 Visualisation.
 Relaxation and hypnosis.
 Focus on solutions and success.
 Mapping out your next steps for action.
My background:
I’ve spent over a decade supporting women as they embark on their personal journey to overcome fear, worry and anxiety so they can take action on their dreams.
Over that time I’ve deepened my knowledge and training, building on my degree in Education and Psychology with certified NLP coaching and Hypnotherapy training at the prestigious Clifton Practice in Bristol.
I’ve had the privilege of working in primary schools, with the national charity Barnado’s – including setting up three new children’s centres in Bournemouth and leading a team of support staff before setting up my own business to work around my young family.

To book a time to chat with me about how Hypnotherapy and Coaching can help you achieve your dreams & goals just pop me an email: josie@worryfreeme.co.uk
To keep to date with all my latest news, offers and free resources click the link below:
I look forward to connecting with you.