Registration, Membership and Price List

There are no big joining fees or penalty charges with us, all we require is:
  • One month's notice to cancel membership
  • Copies of all professional documentation and qualifications including public liability insurance certificate
  • One off administration fee of £15 applicable to all users of Serenity Place

  • Standard Account

    Pay as you go
    • 90 minutes long sessions easily bookable 24/7 online hassle free.
    • Full access and use of the fitted kitchen (with tea and coffee), WC/Shower room and communal waiting area.
    • Free WIFI


    Signup fee of £15
    Pay As You Go Option consists of NO ongoing membership fee but an increased session rate. This option is charged at £12.00 per session.
  • Gold Membership

    £40 per month
    • 5 x 90 minute sessions per calender month in any room(s) of your choice
    • Any additional hours are on a pay as you go basis billed at £8 per 90 minute session
    • Personal login to the Serenity Place website where you have full access to the 24/7 online booking system
    • Profile on our website with link to your own web page
    • Access and use of the fully equipped kitchen with tea and coffee, WC/Shower room and use of communal waiting room
    • Free WIFI

    £40 p/m

    Signup fee of £15
    Login to Upgrade

For regular slots covering more than 10 sessions per week the session cost will be discounted to £7.50 per 90 minute session, please email us for special rates and concession enquiries.

We offer students studying in psychology and counselling, also some of the holistic and spiritual disciplines, preferential rates to support their studies. To take advantage of these preferential rates you must provide written confirmation from your registered body confirming that you are training and under supervision. These rates are offered on an individual basis providing that all criteria is met and the length of time that these rates are offered will be potentially different for each student and we reserve the right to alter these rates according to your stage of learning and circumstance. Email us if you would like further information on these rates.

We attend various advertising and marketing fairs and fetes and will offer all of our members the opportunity to expand and develop their client base by either joining us or getting involved if they would like. We will also hold open days at Serenity Place itself and ask all members to attend to either showcase their profession or network and hand out their cards. Equally we have our own marketing for Serenity Place going on throughout the year to attract attention from the public and private clients.

We believe that the therapeutic workplace is one of serenity, tranquillity and peace but professional at all times. The practitioners take responsibility for their own clients and the space with which they work. The sessions are strictly 90 minutes long allowing time to prepare your room within the session and tidying up after yourselves also. Our practitioners will respect each other and the surroundings in which they work equally.